A Few Tips On Rehoming An Adult Dog

By Stanley Duray

Puppies are without a doubt a fantastic joy to receive into any home. Anyone who has ever had a puppy will know what the life they will bring to any house, but whilst they bring such fun they can also be a bit of a pain as well. As such if you are looking to get a new dog, why not consider getting an adult dog instead. Here are some tips on rehoming an adult dog.

So what reasons might you want to get an adult dog to head off a lovely cute puppy? Well, the most obvious reason is because an adult dog is a lot easier to manage and deal with than a puppy will be. Most people when they get a new animal will go for a puppy, but this will primarily be because it is a lot cuter than an adult. However they do not think ahead in the circumstances, and getting an adult dog will end up being unlocked more of an easy ride in most cases.

Any adult dog will already have got over their youthful antics of running around the house and chewing on everyone's shoes, and generally causing a bit of havoc within the home. An adult dog will be a lot easier to handle, and will come straight into the family of fully trained in most respects and ready to go.

When you get an adult dog and bring them into your home they will most likely have already come through training. This would have been from their previous owner and if not from the kennels that they were staying at when you went to adopt them. They will also be neutered, and will have had lots of vaccinations already, and this can save you money.

When it comes to actually integrating the new dog into the house, for the most part you should not have any problems. If you have animals already in the home then you will want to allow them to spend some time together so that they get used to each other. They may well start fighting at the beginning, but will gradually start to get to know each other well.

It is very important that you are patient, but that you also make sure you set up the rules properly. For example, if your new adult dog ends up having an accident within the house, they need to be punished in a relevant fashion.

Soon however you will be able to enjoy all of the wonderful attention that your new adult dog will give you. - 32154

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5 Must Read Puppy Insurance Buying Tips

By Luke Blaise

Puppy insurance can be a great way to protect yourself financially from unexpected and large veterinary bills. Having it can not only give you peace of mind, but it can help to save you a lot of money.

Most people have no experience in buying puppy insurance and this can lead to confusion. This is because of the wide range of companies and plans to choose from. To help make your job easier, here are five things to think about before buying insurance for puppies.

1. If you really want to buy a pet policy it's best not to wait. Most companies have policies against insuring animals with pre-existing health conditions. Because of this you should insure your puppy right away, while they're still healthy.

2. If you want to get the lowest quote on pet insurance for puppies, then you should try and get quotes from multiple companies. At a minimum you should try and get at least three quotes, this way you know what is the ballpark range for monthly premiums.

3. Ask your veterinarian whom they would recommend that you buy your pet insurance policy through. They probably talk to pet owners every day and they probably know which ones are best at quickly paying out pet insurance claims.

4. Puppy insurance can be a great way to protect yourself financially, but realize that over the lifetime of your puppy the price can add up to a significant amount. For example, if your puppy lives to be 10 years old, and your monthly premium is $19.95 a month, this adds up to a total of $2,394 over your pet's lifetime.

5. The most important tip to remember is to understand completely what is covered and what is not covered in your puppy insurance policy. This if you're not clear on what is covered you should call your company's representative and ask them to go through the policy line by line with you so you are completely clear on what kind of coverage you are getting for your monthly premium. - 32154

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Positive Experiences With Your Dog Training

By Adriana Noton

Dog training can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your pet when done in a positive manner and with the right attitude. Your dog just wants to please you and when you are both happy everyone has fun, so make it a fun experience. But when your pet starts bad behaviors you have to nip them in the bud. Like chewing for example.

Chewing is a natural behavior for a dog except when it occurs on your new Kenneth Cole boots. Chewing keeps their teeth and gums healthy and you will find a variety of toys and bones in the pet store. Dogs like to exercise their jaws so it is smart to get them a chew toy right away, like with the dog when you bring him home.

When a dog has his own toys to chew on he will be less tempted to chew on your favorite pair of Manolos. If you catch your puppy chewing on something he isn't supposed to tell him "No Chew" very monotone and sternly. Make him sit down and praise him for listening to your command to sit. Then give him a toy he can chew on to show him an example of what is okay.

Constantly praise him and reward him for good actions such as when they urinate in the correct area or when they play with and chew their toys. The reward system encourages good and consistent puppy training.

Keeping your pet off of the furniture is a big part of training him in the house. When he is on the furniture and he is not supposed to be tell him "Off" very sternly. Nudge him off of the furniture quickly by pushing his midsection with your knee or hand. Then make him sit. Praise him for obeying the sit command.

Crate training is a great way to train your puppy. It can be used to potty train your dog pretty quickly. Introduce the crate to your puppy slowly and put it in a place where he will get a lot of attention.

Put a towel or a blanket inside of the crate and play with the dog there. Encourage the dog to go inside by putting treats in there for him and leave his favorite toy just outside of the opening. Them move it to just inside of the crate and put treats inside. Don't force him to go in, let him get used to it and leave the door open during this time. It can take some time for him to get used to it.

The next step is to feed you dog near the crate, then after a few tries put the food inside. When you think he is comfortable close the door when he begins to eat inside of it and open the door when he is finished eating. Each time leave the door closed a little longer. If your dog cries leave him in there for about 10 minutes and don't react to his crying. Let the dog see you when he is inside. - 32154

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My Puppy Is A Monster Who Rules In My Home!! Tells Us How Manage Him Or We Will Be Gone!!

By Linda Cole

Lying on the floor watching movies for a while about a wild boy named Jasper who seemed to do as he pleased. The actions of a criminal with no real remorse he walked through his day without a care in the world. Rebellious with attitude he danced through his act, like a modern day James Dean strutting his stuff. So elusive so beautiful so hard to resist a fabulous conception gave birth

Jasper is a puppy with a mind of his own, in fact he is a Maltese, purebred the new love of Amy and he can do no wrong. You see Amy was quite lonely when she decided to adopt a dog, she wanted something to cuddle, something of her own. She had never had much luck with the guys on her path so she thought that this puppy would be the answer and they would live happily ever after in their lovely little house.

There is no doubt a dog will fill a void in your heart they are the most underrated friend you could ever have. Jasper is a godsend, a great little guy full of hope and of promise he loves every moment that life has to give. Though he was delivered to Amy at the age of six weeks the breeders have given him all the tools he will need. This whole scenerio seems perfect I know but the problem of complacency is raising its ugly head. Amy loves to take him wherever she goes and there is no doubt that Jasper leaves an impression of his own, he's a fun loving guy who brings smiles to a room.

A child without boundaries can lead to a teenager finding trouble and ending up in jail A puppy like a child needs a guide through its to, rebel without a cause that was young Jasper relieving himself on the carpet once again. This cute, fluffy bundle that had won all our hearts was resembled a predator as he let out his bark. Her family and friends were becoming aware that this new friend of Amy's was taking over her home.

Along with his messing, his biting has appeared still Amy seems blinded by this Maltese romance she cannot hear the grumbling from family and friends. She had not given a thought to his lessons and growth, so now we have a puppy that pretty much does, as he wants. I have tried so gently to show her the ropes but it's falling on deaf ears and my fear for this innocent boy is that Jasper will become another antisocial dog. His bark will get louder; his bite will be bolder until Amy will see that this out of control dog will be a menace to us all. What saddens me most is that so many think a puppy is somehow automatically born with manners and etiquette and needs nothing more. Think if you will before taking them home these dogs are forever and need to be trained. - 32154

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Take The Time To Train Your Puppy - It's Worth It!

By Gisela Schiefer

Dogs make wonderful pets and the key factor to having a well behaved dog that the whole family will enjoy, is by using proper dog training techniques. Dogs are kind-of like kids, especially puppies; they need to understand the rules of the household and they must respect the authority of their owners. Many new pet owners fall in love with cute puppies or even adult dogs that they purchase or adopt before they bring them home, only to become upset and frustrated when that adorable fur-ball chews up the furniture or makes messes on the carpet. While all puppies will find their share of trouble, a responsible dog owner must be patient and utilize plenty of time to raise that pup into a well behaved dog that is a joy to all. This article will provide some basic but very important dog training tips to help you and your puppy develop a happy relationship. I have learned over 50 years of owning and dogs and these tips are a great start.

Establish The Rules

The first step in dog training is to establish the rules of the household, and do not waste any time here! This means that if you don't want your 100 pound Labrador Retriever jumping up on your bed at night, don't let him do it when he's a puppy at 5 pounds! Never let him do it. I know it's tough because I am guilty, but take it from my lesson leaned. Never; not even once. Good news: it is never too early to teach your pup to stay off the furniture or avoid jumping on you or your guests. Oh, and don't forget, before you bring your puppy home, make sure the whole family understands and is prepared to enforce the rules consistently.

Be Consistent With The Rules

Once your learn and establish rules, it is up to you and the rest of thre family to makes sure you live by them.Every time your puppy breaks a house rule, he should be reprimanded with a quick and firm "No!" and then shown the proper behavior. This applies to all aspects of your puppy's training, such as house breaking and chewing on his toys instead of your shoes (they seem to love to chew up the shoes!). Just like kids, dogs learn the rules quickest when they are enforced consistently. This means that the dog owner(s) must be disciplined in their enforcement of the "rules." With time, the rules become second nature to your dog and enforcement is rarely required.

Reward Your Puppy For Good Behavior!

This is a key tip. When your puppy follows the rules appropriately, reward him for his good behavior. Effective dog training requires positive reinforcement more often than punishment to produce great dog behavior. At the beginning of your dog training, make a big deal about his good behavior and give him a healthy edible treat. Within a short period of time, your puppy will understand what he's supposed to do and you will be able to "wean" him off treats to praise and positive attention. Trust me on this, they are smart and learn quick.

I am not a "pro" at dog training but I have read a lot of books and of course have owned dogs for years. What I have found is that dog training is not particularly difficult, it just takes some reading, some patience, and definitely some consistency to gain success with these wonderful animals. The time you put in to training your puppy is well worth the years of enjoyment you, your family, and your guests will have with this new member of the tribe! - 32154

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Toilet Training for Dogs - Tips from Animal Behaviorists

By Gisela Schiefer

Generally, dogs are very clean animals - they won't soil close to where they eat, or where they sleep. But living in a house is unnatural for an animal whose instincts would be to roam wherever she wants to go, so you will have to help her learn where and when she can relieve herself.

It is essential that you form good toilet habits for your dog as early on as possible. Trying to break the habit of a dog is quite difficult and it can be very frustrating. You need to use guidance and encouragement to help the pet. Animal behaviorists have some helpful tips that you can use to help with the housebreaking of your pet.

Believe it or not, dogs are sanitary creatures. If a dog does soil accidentally in the wrong place, it is likely that it will be far from his dog dish, at least six to ten feet. This is true for the place where the dog sleeps as well. But, unless you find a good place for her to go and train her in that manner, the rest of your house is okay to them.

The process for housebreaking a dog is the same if he is a puppy or an adult dog new to your home. You'll need to take him outside every few hours and also 30 minutes after he eats. Take your pet to the designated bathroom spot. Stay with the pet until she goes, and then praise her when she does. If she does not go, bring her back inside and try again in fifteen minutes. Watch her though. If the dog starts sniffing and circling take them out right away as this is a sign that she is about to go. Pay attention to her signs and take her out. Soon, she will relate to going outside to going to the bathroom.

Some dogs are housebroken much faster than others. Some dog's personality will cause her to go one way or the other. But, if you take her outside at the right time, it will go smoother. A puppy of less than four months old will need to go out during the night. Older puppies can hold it that long. A dog that cries to be let out has an urgent need. Get up and take her out, she needs every chance to succeed that she can get. Positive reinforcement is necessary for success.

How you treat accidents will affect your dog's overall learning curve. If you catch your dog going in the act, distract her with a clap or call her name. Take her outside calmly at that time and praise her for finishing outside. Clean up any accident that you find on the floor. If the dog approaches during this time, ignore her. Don't talk to or punish her at this point. The worst thing that you can do is to yell at her or physically punish her. This will cause her to fear you and to not bond as well to you. She won't connect it to the accident at all. Ignoring her is the best course of action here. - 32154

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Pet Stores Are A Virtual Mall

By Adriana Noton

In today's fast paced shopping world, the pet stores are beginning to look more like large shopping centers for you and your beloved pet. Just about anything you may ever need for your loved one can be found in these one stop stores.

Of all the animal products that are sold in these stores, the dog and cat products, are the most popular. Most generally you will often find cute little puppies and kittens in these shop windows just begging you to take them home. You will be able to find all of your pets foods and even their treats in these great stores.

The overall selection of food that you will find is huge and will contain just about any flavor that your pet could ever crave. Most generally you will find that these stores will actually carry the higher end brands with just a few choices in the middle priced ranges. These choices will also be able to cover all types of your pet needs throughout the stages of your pets life.

No matter if your animal is brand new or really old you will find that you will be able to cover your pets health needs. These pet stores will even offer you foods for those animals that have a special needs diet such as indoor food versus outdoor food.

Along with the shelves that are just filled with tons of different foods you will also find entire aisles filled with different types of supplements to keep your beloved pet healthy and happy. Of all these supplements probably the most common one purchased would be glucosamine which is great for your animals joints and any arthritis that they may be suffering from. You will also find other supplements such as fish oils, vitamins, and even supplements that you can add to your pets food to help them have healthy white teeth.

Along with all the great foods and vitamins you will also find tons of different cat and dog beds and even a kitty condo. All of these items are more common than a lot of people may think, but they also carry a variety of different items that you may not have thought of, such as a massage blanket for your puppies. They will never leave their bed again.

Once you have taken the time to get all of your cat and dog items you should also check out the other great animals such as birds, fish, and ferrets that these stores carry. You will find a lot of different cute and cuddly animals in these stores. With all of the toys and accessories they have available these days for your pets, you could spend a very long time in one of these stores.

Whether online or at your local shopping center, many pet stores are just as fully stocked as any mega stores that have for groceries, clothes or shoes. These kinds of stores cater to the family pets and treat them just like what they are to you - a beloved member of the family. - 32154

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